Managing Circular Supply Chains with Adrian Segens


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Today I’m talking with Adrien Segens about supply chain management and managing material risks. In this episode you will hear why having a better understanding of where our products come from and where they end up can help us create a more circular economy. We talk about different ways technology can play in enabling supply chain management and the benefits of supply chain transparency for companies.


Adrien Segens is a Corporate Development Consultant. Since 2008, Adrian has worked with innovative companies in that special place where technology, supply chains and sustainability meet each other. His projects have focused on using innovative technologies to address issues such as supply chain traceability; Smart Assets in Smart Cities; Natural Capital accounting, and corporate environmental reporting.


  • Meet the RSA
  • How realistic is having an overview of supply chains
  • Block chain, the Internet of Things and the role of technological solutions in managing supply chains
  • Why supply chain management is crucial for circular economy
  • The three big challenges of circular supply chains: location, condition, and availability
  • Benefits of managing risks through supply chain management/ Why it pays to have an overview of your supply chain

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