Redesigning Jeans and Sustainable Denim for a Circular Economy with Jordan Nodarse


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Today we’re getting in the loop with Jordan Nodarse, who is the founder of Boyish Jeans and a California native with a deep passion for sustainable practices in fashion. In this episode, Jordan and I dive into Boyish Jeans discussing their production practices and all things circular denim. Jordan takes me through how he initially found out about circular economy and how he now aims to set the standard for production practices with Boyish Jeans.

This episode is a great follow-up to Getting in the Loop Episode 003 where Helene Smits and I explored the future of circular fashion. As you will hear, Boyish has adopted many of the practices discussed in that episode. You can find Episode 003 as well as well as the show notes to this episode on our website at


Jordan Nodarse launched Boyish Jeans after more than a decade spent learning the ins and outs of the denim industry. Launching one and a half years ago, Boyish Jeans is a collection of sustainable women’s denim. Designed in Los Angeles, each collection is centered on vintage silhouettes with a modern update, all available at an attainable price point. Before starting Boyish, Jordan was the Director of Denim & Special Projects at Reformation.

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