#50: The Circular Experiment and Action-Oriented Circular Economy with Ashleigh Morris


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Welcome back to the Getting in the Loop podcast. We’re kicking off our Fall 2020 season with a milestone. We’re celebrating 50 episodes of the Getting in the Loop podcast! Wow, I truly could not have done it without YOU, listener. Thank you for sharing your favorite episodes, leaving reviews, and posting on Linkedin. It has been fun getting to know many of you over the last 1.5 years.

About Today’s Guest

Ashleigh Morris is the CEO of Coreo, a company actioning circular economy in Australasia. Ashleigh is widely recognised as a circular economy visionary with the skills, experience and ability to not only inform future strategy but to also lead the action required to achieve impact.


Today’s episode is about DOING and for that reason I’m so happy that I can share it with you as our special 50th episode! Today’s theme revolves around asking: What would happen if you applied circular concepts to a local area or region? Ashleigh Morris of Coreo is here to dive into this question with us and share her experience! In this episode, Ashleigh tells us about the state of circular economy in Australia, and she shares her experiences practically implementing circular economy strategies. Tune in to hear about Coreo’s first project aptly named the Circular Experiment, where applying circular concepts such as reverse logistics and asset sharing to a street in Queensland resulted in economic, environmental and social benefits! Ashleigh also shares key factors you should consider before embarking on your own circular experiment. Resources and links discussed in this episode can be found at gettinginthelooppodcast.com .

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