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Actress, game show hostess and philanthropist Ruta Lee shares stories from her eight decades in Hollywood and her new memoir "Consider Your Ass Kissed" and reminisces about partying with the Rat Pack, dating Shecky Greene, working for directors Stanley Donen and Billy Wilder and forging friendships with Debbie Reynolds, Darren McGavin, Fred Astaire and (yes) Cesar Romero. Also, Liz Taylor orders the chili, Gilbert frames a one-cent check, Lucy tosses Uncle Miltie's salad and Ruta remembers her dear friend Alex Trebek. PLUS: James Garner! Billy Barty! "Man with a Camera"! "The Wackiest Ship in the Army"! Dick Gautier ties the knot! And Ruta sings the praises of Jerry Lewis, Joey Bishop AND Jack Carter!(??)

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