Adrian Ellison, Olympic coxswain, on Redgrave, Cross, the '84 Olympics and how to be a great cox


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S2 Ep.1 Welcome back to Girl on the River for Season 2 – it’s so good to be back!

I’m absolutely thrilled to bring you the first episode in my new season – an interview with Adrian Ellison, who coxed the 4+ to a gold medal at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles (the first of five gold medals for crew member Steve Redgrave).

Adrian is a brilliant fount of knowledge, and what he doesn’t know about coxing isn’t worth knowing. We had a tremendous chat (the uncut version of which is available to Girl on the River patrons – you can sign up for the Girl Squad at

Here’s what we talked about:

  • Adrian’s route into coxing and how he ended up in GB Rowing Team
  • What a coxed pair is like
  • The best crew Adrian ever coxed (it might not be the one you’d expect)
  • Coxing a bowloader
  • Being coached as a cox
  • The 1984 Olympics 4+ - how it was put together and what the dynamics were
  • Getting the most out of a crew during a race
  • The decision to retire from the GB Rowing Team
  • Weight loss and the effects on Adrian’s health
  • Why the coxswain’s weight makes little difference to boat speed except at the very highest level
  • What makes a good cox
  • Adrian’s style of coxing
  • Has Adrian’s coxing improved since being on the GB Rowing Team?
  • Whether international teams should consider using older coxes
  • How to get better at coxing
  • Mistakes Adrian has made
  • What to do when a crew gets carried away in a race
  • How to handle a sassy crew
  • Lessons from Zoom Ergos and the quest for the perfect stroke

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