The one where we talk about politics in marketing with Katrina Aronson


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I am a marketing-led business coach. I work with creative entrepreneurs all over the place who are past that initial launch phase and that want to grow their business to new heights and marketing is my lens. I also have a podcast that is Through the Marketing Lens. Where she talks all about all things marketing.

Basically, the reason she does what she does is that she had small businesses herself. She grew them, She was scrappy about it, and I really fell in love with marketing because it was a way to actually move her businesses forward. And that is that's where it all comes from.

We talk about Katrina's scrappiness and how she started multiple businesses. Her journey was messy but really fun. It was in this phase of growth that she fell in love with marketing.

"I think that marketing feels really hard. To a lot of people. There are so many different facets to marketing, so we tend to find someone else that's doing what we want to do, and then just copy them. And that's not always going to feel in alignment with who you are as a person." -Katrina Aronson

We talk about the importance of authenticity and vulnerability and how that should apply to your marketing. Instead of copying someone else or looking for the "best" ways to market from others in your industry or other's who are doing well, it would be wise to start with what is in alignment for you.

This led to a conversation about how companies are showing up in today's cultural climate with issues like black lives matter, backing the blue, me too, etc.

"I think every brand. Should and can stand up for the things that they believe in. Where I think a big mistake happens is that we identify as our brands, and sometimes we're not." - Katrina

We talk about the role of politics in the marketing of businesses.

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