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She has been self-employed, working with sensitive entrepreneurs and leaders for twenty years plus.

Highly sensitive is a psychological and physiological term. It comes out of a lot of research that really started in the late 1990s by a woman named Dr. Lane. Aaron who's most known for the research around what it needs to be a highly sensitive person. There is a lot of additional research as well. The skinny on what it means to be highly sensitive is that first and foremost, it's how your nervous system is wired differently.

We talk about how we were empaths before it was cool.

Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs and Leaders possess a unique set of strengths coded for them to experience a higher level of success and prosperity.

Jenny shares her bra story as an illustration of dealing with highly sensitive people.

For many of Heather's clients, finding out that they are highly sensitive is both freeing and helps them understand themselves better and how they show up in the world.

There are three coping mechanisms that highly sensitive default to

  • Pushing
  • Hiding
  • Combo plattering

Heather talks about how the time in the morning is for her to transition into her day. She talks about how this helps her get her thoughts together to be productive.

Sarah talks about the importance of just asking. It can't hurt to ask. You never know what the other party will say, and you could get an awesome experience out of it.

If you are highly sensitive, you have to get over the hump of it to take extra work. You have to get over the anger that you were born this way to be able to use it to your advantage.

Heather talks about the journey of how she got to be on lifetime television.

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