Private Equity in India and Southeast Asia – Uday Garg


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In Episode #34, we are joined by Uday Garg, Managing Partner at Mandala Capital, a private equity firm focused on long term and sustainable investments across the food value chain in India and Southeast Asia. We discuss:

  • The basics of food and agriculture ("agri") investing and why it is helpful to analogize to the oil and gas business.

  • Why food and agri investment makes sense in Southeast Asia and India, from both a demand and supply perspective.

  • The $2,000 per capita GDP threshold as a good indicator for consumption spikes in emerging nations.

  • Mandala Capital's strategy for investing in food and agri.

  • Why so much investment goes into agritech and whether agritech is really a new investment area.

  • What cannabis (especially hemp) is doing to the US and global market and why seed companies and branding companies are most likely to emerge as major players.

  • Impact investing and calculating an SROI (social return on investment).

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