Ep 4: Zineb Bentounsi & Parisa Fallah


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Being able to make a difference in global surgery as a trainee can seem difficult. Even unachievable. “What skills do I have to offer?” “Do I have a voice in global surgery – and if so, how can I make it heard?” These questions can be hard to answer but that didn’t stop our two guests on this episode. If you are a global surgery trainee, you will definitely want to tune in as we explore the creating of the two largest student-founded and student-run global surgery student groups around the world! With over 5,000 members and 48 national working groups of InciSioN and more than 2,500 members and 60+ national chapters of GSSA these two organizations have changed the face of trainee involvement in global surgery. Learn about the origins of both organizations, their founders, what it takes to start an international platform, and how students can get more involved in global surgery!

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