Targeting Gen Z + more w/ Sandra Lehner, Creative Strategist


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This is the Global VID podcast's first "futurist" episode as we talk with independent Creative Strategist Sandra Lehner about all things Generation Z, Branded Entertainment, the Metaverse & NFT's!
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While normally host Eric Y. Lapointe focuses on international content subjects and what people can do NOW, today we are taking a step back and focusing on the long-term view of what our industry should expect. Skip this episode at your own risk... because Sandra Lehner gives great insight into this next generation and how to best target them in the not-so-distant future. This is NOT about the Millennials and their second screen potential, but rather the diverse 5-screen multi-tasking generation Z (i.e. anyone born between 1995 and 2010).
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This show was produced by And Now Global, a Vancouver based international content consulting company.

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