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On this edition of the Weekly Beef, Misty is joined by pleasure coaches Jaime Anderson and Yonatan Elkayam of Coopetition Coaching.

Jaime Anderson is a coach, energy healer and the cofounder of Coopetition Coaching. After spending a decade in the fitness industry and witnessing the people around her (herself included) burn out time and time again, she and her partner teamed up to form Coopetition Coaching; a coaching service designed to help you fill your own cup. She and Yonatan are on a mission to bring more love, pleasure and joy to the world and they believe it begins with the self.

Yonatan Elkayam has spent his life exploring his creativity. He is a musician, film maker and actor and deeply understands the importance of play. He’s also an energy healer, coach, trained in classical Pilates and the cofounder of Coopetition Coaching.

Coopetition coaching was founded with the understanding that we can’t pour from a cup that’s empty. When we looked around, we saw so many of the people we love, respect and care for taking care of those around themselves, but leaving their own cups half full. We bring together breath, energy healing, movement, intimacy and play to help our clients step into their power, bring more pleasure to their lives & elevate their relationships.
You can follow them on instagram @coopetitioncoaching and learn more at their website here.

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