GHP 050: Why Compete is Non-Negotiable w/ Rob Liddell from MiCrease Goaltending


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the goalie hacks podcast, I’m pumped to be joined today by another prominent leader in the Online Goalie Community, the founder of Mi Crease Goaltending, and the director of Goaltending for Rolston Hockey, Rob Liddell.
We Chat about 2 or 3 intriguing concepts varying from mental, physical, or emotional that is fascinating. The hardest part about transitioning from either A or AA to the AAA level. Common misconception in Goaltenders among lower levels when it comes to transitioning to AAA hockey from A, AA, house league etc. Pros and cons of playing midget vs. tier 2 or tier 3 junior. Importance of jumping through the right hoops to make sure contributions are made to the team’s wins and last but not the least RAPID FIRE – Foot position, T pushes, Back position in stance, Goalline, butterfly overlap, etc.
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