GHP 052: Developing Elite Compete Level w/ Ottawa Senator's Goalie Coach Pierre Groulx


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This week on the Goalie Hacks Podcast I have the privilege of being joined by the goalie coach for the NHL's Ottawa Senators, long time NHL coaching veteran, Pierre Groulx.

We dive into his 20+ year coaching in the NHL, his personal coaching philosophy, and how he structures his approach to goaltending. We break down several elite goaltenders he's had the chance to work with, and what exactly separates the elite from the great in the NHL.
We dive deep into the idea of compete, and he goes on to explain why you can't make the NHL without compete level. We discuss how kids can start incorporating that into their game more, and how exactly you can start developing it on your own time.
This episode was filled with amazing snippets, so make sure to stick around to the end of the episode to get everything Coach Groulx has to offer.
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