GHP 064: First Impressions of Pro Hockey w/ OHL Stand-Out Cedrick Andree from the Belleville Senators


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Goalie Hacks podcast, I’m excited to be joined today by another active professional Goaltender, current Goaltender with the Belleville Senators in the AHL, Cedrick Andree.
We discuss about personal Goaltending Philosophy, three to four pillars that the game surrounds and their importance. Most important skills that young children should be developing while they are playing Minor Hockey that will help make a smooth transition to the next level. Kind of changes incorporated from first year that helped find tremendous success in the last two seasons with the team. First impressions of Belleville Senators and the surprises so far. Misconception among amateur goaltenders and minor league parents that needs more clarity on. Discuss in depth – game day routine, routine the night before, mental routine to avoid game time and performance anxiety, anchor techniques used to keep focus centered.
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