GHP 075: The Game Is 90% Mental & The Rest Is In Your Head w/ BIG10 Champ Karel Popper From The University Of Minnesota


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Goalie Hacks Podcast, I’m pumped to be joined today by another awesome coach at the next level, recently coaching Jack LaFontaine to the Mike Richter award win in the 2021 season, and that coach is Karel Popper.
We discuss about biggest transition made to be able to compete at the Junior Level. Biggest adversity faced in career and overcoming it. Specific three to four pillars Goaltending is surrounded on and their importance. Working with Jack and getting him to the level of being the best in Division 1 College Hockey. Best advice to kids that will help them understand the grit required to win awards, accolades and championships. Most important and common characteristics of Goalies who typically find success quickly.
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