GHP 077: The Evolution of NHL Goaltending w/ 30 Year NHL Coaching Veteran Jim Corsi from the Columbus Blue Jackets


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Hello everyone, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Goalie Hacks Podcast, and today on the show I have another stellar guest lined up today, former pro standout turned 30 year NHL coaching veteran, what a pleasure it is today to welcome Jim Corsi the current Goalie development coach for the Columbus Blue Jackets and the Cleveland Lake Monsters – Jim Corsi.
We discuss about hardest part about making the shift from lower levels or Pro to a step away from the NHL. Dive into the details of the work it takes to be considered for the championships and awards won. Most valuable skill that kids should start learning that is essential for their success and transferrable to Pro Hockey. Three to four pillars coaching, and Goaltending philosophy is based upon and their importance. Advice to kids looking to have a long and successful career in NHL or Pro Hockey. Area or approach that the Goaltending philosophy has pivoted towards in recent times.
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