GHP 079: How Your Breath Can Transform Your Performance w/ Advanced Wim Hof Certified Breath Coach Jeff Sorensen From Breath Army


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to another episode of the Goalie Hacks Podcast, and I’m excited to welcome today a leading breath facilitator here in Canada, and that Gentlemen is Jeffrey Sorensen.
We discuss about dive into the basic premise of breath work and the positive impact it has on performance, health, and life. Two to three important concepts discussed in the book and the boost it provides to performance on the ice. Actionable stuff that athletes can take with them like different breath exercises, when to use them, their effect etc. Delve into the Wim Hof method, its importance and effectiveness. Break down two to three areas of the blueprint and share a brief glimpse of the program. Reason why yoga is very important for athletes and the reason why people should start incorporating more of it in their daily routines.
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