Creepin' Up On Me


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The devil himself was the engineer... of this episode. And he doesn't talk as much as we usually do, so there's more room for some pretty hot 45's.

from Chuck to Chug-a-Luck:
Phil Carter - Amazon (CHALLENGE)
Gene McKown - Ghost Memories (BRASS)
The Devils - Just Like That (DEVLETT)
Steve Alaimo - Blue Fire (DICKSON)
Bobby Brown - Down At Big Mary's House (VADEN)
Bailin' Wire Bob - Hillbilly Lovin (FEE BEE)
Eddie Kirkland - Train Done Gone (LU PINE)
Marcel Bontempi - Down Bound Train (TWI-LITE)
Chuck Berry - The Downbound Train (CHESS)
Hollis Champion - Old Red Devil (LINCO)
Bill Blevins - Crazy Blues (NATIONAL)
George Darro - Eye'n You Up (NATIONWIDE)
Bill Blevins - Baby I Won't Keep Waiting (NATIONAL)
Jimmy & Johnny - Sweet Singing Daddy (DECCA)
Jimmy Ford - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore (STYLO)
Kenny Lee - Song Of The Singing Wind (STARS)
Larry Williams - Love Charms (unissued / from JukeBoxJam 45)
Chuck Mayfield - Four Faces High (ABBOTT)
The Renowns - Wild One (EVEREST)
Chuck Miller - Vim Vam Vamoose (MERCURY)
The Chug-A-Lucks - The Devil's Train (LIN)

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