Where The Buffalo Poops


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The ghost of casey jones is making this show a trainwreck... i guess he was suicidal!

Now that's something else:
The Starfires - Something Else (ROMCO)
Commonwealth Jones - Jump And Run (BANNER, from LP)
The Starfires - Everywhere I Go (ROMCO)
Jay Swan - You Don't Love Me (CROSS repro)
Light Crust Doughboys - Pussy Pussy Pussy (TexasRose LP)
Jerry Lee Lewis - Hillbilly Music (SUN)
Slim O'Mary - Story Of Henry Wells (H & K)
Rod Morris - Ghost Of Casey Jones (LUDWIG)
Edwin Bruce - Rock Boppin' Baby (SUN)
Edwin Bruce - Eight Wheel Driver (sunissued / from BearFamily LP)
Harry Charles - Petoskey Towm (WILDCAT)
Lee Elliott - Headed For Heartache (DOT)
Robert Zehm - Satan's Suitcase (Z)
Billy Wallace - That's My Reward (MERCURY)
Ray Scott - Devil's Gotta Hold (RCT)
Andy & The Live Wires - You've Done It Again (APPLAUSE)
Joe "Cannonball" Lewis - I'm Mighty Hard To Beat (MGM)
Louis Innis - Suicide (KING)
The Ivy Three - Suicide (SHELL)
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