We were in a rut BEFORE the pandemic – Cindy


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Leah shares a coaching session with Cindy, a married mother of one, for support around a very human variety of issues: decreased libido, sex after motherhood, love languages, pandemic life, sex for connection vs. conception, miscarriage, self-care, homework, and grace.

Bookmark moments:

  • 3:18 - Cindy talks about participating in coaching in one of Leah’s group sessions, and catches us up on what life looks like (sexually and otherwise) a year into the pandemic.
  • 7:46 - Stress can have varied effects on libido—up or down.
  • 9:35 - Can you turn your libido back “on”? Cindy talks about what she did to try, paying more attention to her body, taking better care of it.
  • 12:20 - They talk about trying to use sex to connect *as well as* conceive.
  • 15:41 - Leah helps Cindy hone in on what she wants her sex life to look life.
  • 17:47 - Cindy conceives but suffers a miscarriage; she opens up about the impact.
  • 20:25 - PJ Parties for Grownups!
  • 22:57 - Homework assignments—fun ones, of course—can be a tangible, focused way to take concrete steps towards your goal. And, sometimes the homework is giving yourself grace.
  • 30:08 - Cindy gets specific about what she wants to focus on in her relationship.
  • 32:05 - They speak on love languages: his is gifts, hers is acts of service. Leah helps Cindy navigate through ideas for activities.
  • 38:00 - Leah talks about how coaching can help in different relationship areas and for specific interests, with group and solo options.
  • 40:03 - A post-coaching update from Cindy; and a discussion about being compassionate with yourself about your fears.

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