What if "The One" isn't enough? - Michelle


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What happens when you discover the reason you've never been interested in sex is that you've been having the wrong kind of sex for your body? And that the mismatch at the root of your loving-but-sexless marriage is that your spouse doesn't want that kind of sex?

Michelle, one of our most popular guests from the past, returns to talk about what has happened over the last two years, including beginning a domme/sub relationship with another woman.

Michelle is a 44-year-old cisgender woman. She describes herself as Black, bisexual and homo-romantic. She describes her body as average. She is married and currently navigating the process of opening her 19 year relationship with her wife to become ethically non-monogamous.

Topics we cover:

  • Being queer
  • Being homoromantic
  • BDSM/activities/toys
  • Switching dom/sub
  • Non-monogamy
  • Sub space/after care

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