Taz Bhatia: What Men Don’t Know about their Hormones


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“Men are sometimes shocked to learn that they have estrogen,” says integrative medicine physician Taz Bhatia, MD. In this episode, Bhatia shares the primary health issues that she sees among her male patients—from low testosterone to other hormonal disruptions, imbalances in the gut, and nutritional deficiencies. She talks us through hormone replacement therapy—and why she thinks you need to be very careful—and which supplements she typically subscribes. She also talks about the warning signs that something is up—changes in energy, weight, libido—and why many men have a tendency to downplay what their body is telling them. For men and women, Bhatia believes that insulin resistance plays a huge role in many health conditions and that often the first step to healing or optimizing our health begins with dealing with insulin resistance and inflammation.

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