Will Siu: What’s Beneath Our Anger?


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Will Siu, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, shares what he’s learned about anxiety, depression, and mental health from experiencing and practicing psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy—along with other tools for understanding deeper parts of ourselves and our consciousness. Siu sees mental health as inextricably connected to physical health and he’s found that sometimes processing emotions or trauma involves a physical experience. In this personal conversation with Seamus Mullen and Will Cole, Siu focuses a lot on processing anger and why this is an emotion that men, in particular, default to. This was he lived for a long time, Siu says. “When we feel scared, when we feel ashamed, these are things that men are not allowed to fear—so we go to anger because it’s acceptable,” says Siu. “Anytime you’re feeling anger, look what’s under it.”

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