364. Replay of Brandon Youst’s interview from the Bootstrap Farmer


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So I was checking out the recording of this interview to post to PRN and realized there's about a 2 minute blank spot at the beginning of the interview so I'm reloading it here. Sorry!!!!

Brandon was Season 3’s teaser released on New Year’s Day and what a game changer this was for me this winter. If you’ve ever thought of starting a value added product business or any kind of garden business Brandon’s got courses to help you succeed. I’m still trying to perfect my salad in a jar lunch club and I feel this is a great time to be re-releasing this because one of the most impactful things you can do for climate change in Joan Gregerson’s book is create a food waste lunch club.

Thanks always for listening everyone. For more info check out the show notes here: https://organicgardenerpodcast.com/podcast-2/362-bootstrap-farmer-podcast-brandon-youst/

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