Ep. 284 Presence Foundations with Ganga Devi Braun


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An Invitation into Presence Foundations - with Ganga Devi Braun
This is a dialogue with Ganga Devi Braun about the Community PRESENCE FOUNDATIONS we recently launched. Applications are currently open for our 2nd cohort. Applications close on July 9th.
The shift towards a world that works for all can only take place through stepping into fully embodied presence.
In Presence Foundations we come together in community to cultivate the underpinning mental, emotional, and physical awareness necessary for us to lead this shift.
Develop your depth of presence as the foundation for your ongoing impact.

“It’s as though this experience has super-charged and super-aligned everything else I'm doing in my life in unexpected ways. There's something different and powerful about engaging with this material experientially with a cohort this way.”

Dive in deeper and read more about Presence Foundations on our Enlivened Leadership Lab website: https://enlivened.co/presence


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