Marketing Budgets: Why aren’t small businesses doing them and why they should.


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Whether you are a sole trader, a small-medium business owner, or you’re working for a big company, marketing is a good investment. In this episode, we focus on marketing budgets. Why are most small businesses not doing them? We also focus on the essential components of a marketing budget, its importance, and how much you should spend on your marketing budget.

Besides, how do you calculate the return on investment based on the marketing tactics bringing more leads?

In this episode, Celeste Lustosa explained to us why aren’t small businesses doing them and why they should

● Components of a marketing budget [01.52]

● Why should you invest in marketing? [02:42]

● What’s the importance of having a good marketing strategy/plan? [03:41]

● Why are marketing budgets so important? [05:12]

● What percentage of your revenues needs to be incorporated into your marketing budget? [08:30]


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