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S04 E13 - TOW Rachel’s Crush

Signature Beverage: How You Doin’?

00:00:00 — Heather sounds like she’s in a cave, but we SWEAR she’s in her closet

00:08:08 — Why didn’t Kathy give Chandler a heads up about the theme of her play?

00:12:19 — Our personal experiences with personal shopping

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00:19:30 — Would you be friends with a “Joey”? And why doesn’t he ever hit on the girls?

00:21:54 — Tracking the potential product placement deals the show had

00:25:33 — Joey opens everything … and so does Heather!

00:29:33 — Jennifer Aniston and guest star Tate Donovan (Joshua) were engaged in real life!

00:31:02 — Dear Rachel: Joshua’s ex burning all his clothes is a RED FLAG

00:34:36 — Does the “once a cheater, always a cheater” theory pan out here?

00:41:26 — Beefsteak Charlie’s!! ALL YOU CAN EAT SHRIMP!!

00:49:11 — Reminiscing about Friday nights at Blockbuster Video

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