TOW Joey Digs Himself Into a Hole and Ross Tries to Dig Himself Out of One


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Signature Beverage: Montauk Iced Tea: 18 Ounces, Front and Back!

00:00:56 — What the heck is happening in the world? (aka The COVID-19 Rundown)

00:01:58 — We’re pretty sure our Montauk Iced Teas can kill any virus

00:07:09 — Our charity this season is… the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)! Donate here!

00:09:23 — When we’re stressed, we regress!

00:11:35 — The not-so-silver lining of being a remote worker under quarantine

00:12:49 — TOW Joey Digs Himself Into a Hole and Ross Tries to Dig Himself Out of One

00:16:00 — The passion of Ross and Rachel’s reunion kiss

00:16:42 — Marinairhead Camille’s strong opinions about both Monica’s wardrobe AND Elizabeth’s being on Team Ross!

00:20:54 — The Good Place swearing rules for our NAMI donations this season

00:23:24 — The tragedy of the chain of events that led to Phoebe Jr’s life being so screwed up, when Phoebe Sr thought she was doing the right thing

00:24:52 — Oh geez, we can’t even talk about Corona beer without thinking about COVID-19!

00:27:24 — Not-on-Network moment: Joey talking about Chandler’s hot mom?

00:31:25 — Elizabeth is officially off of Team Ross

00:32:04 — The whole “does it” thing … such an unnatural way to refer to the letter!

00:35:02 — The Pacific is most definitely not the Atlantic Ocean

00:42:24 — Could you base the foundation of your re-relationship on accepting full responsibility for something you don’t actually think was entirely your fault? COULD YOU?!

00:46:04 — Ursula is THE WORST

00:47:52 — Phoebe and Ursula are sort of like the sisters in In Her Shoes

00:56:55 — The actual thing you should do if you get stung by a jellyfish

01:06:59 — Is it UMbrella or umBRELLa?

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