TOW Joey's Dragon, Phoebe's Holiday Song, and Ross's Love Train


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S04 E10 - TOW the Girl From Poughkeepsie

aka TOW Joey’s Dragon, Phoebe’s Holiday Song, and Ross’s Love Train

Signature Beverage: Joey’s Personal Best: Bourbon Oreo Milkshake

00:05:09 — Any time we hear “Poughkeepsie,” we think of the Sex and the City movie scene where Charlotte Poughkeepsies in her pants!

00:08:27 — What is it about Oreos that there’s no way to gracefully consume them??

00:16:16 — Did Orson Welles peak early?

00:18:56 — What’s your favorite Burger King commercial? Heather’s is TOW the King in bed with people

00:31:24 — One of our favorite bloopers!

00:39:14 — Props Props! Restaurant supply boxes underneath the prep counter at Alessandro’s

00:48:39 — Restaurant insiders decode the dry-erase board in the Alessandro’s kitchen

00:51:54 — Ross meets the one-time character we’re going to call “Marilyn Montreal,” and Heather debunks the show’s faulty timing of the travel between Montreal and Nova Scotia

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