TOW Little Round Waffles and a Big Fur Coat


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S05 E06 - TOW the Yeti

Ross adapts to Emily’s evolving ultimatum, Monica and Rachel inadvertently “fog” their new neighbor, Danny, and Phoebe receives a furry family heirloom from her birth mom. We also discuss Liza Minelli’s fashion aesthetic, the Space-Time Continuum, and debate whether or not Danny is a psychopath.

Signature Beverage: Waffle Martini

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00:07:30 - What is it with these weird shrunken head/African mask things on the guys’ wall?

00:13:25 - Is this the same fur coat from Seinfeld?

00:16:05 - Our first Nubbin Alert in quite a while!

00:25:00 - Deep dive into Liza Minelli’s fashion aesthetic

00:29:00 - Surface dive into the Space-Time Continuum

00:32:50 - Guest star George Newburn

00:46:35 - The Great “Is Danny a Psychopath?” Debate

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