TOW Ross Ruins His Own Wedding


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aka TOW Ross Ruins His Own Wedding

S04 E24 - TOW Ross’s Wedding (Part Two)

Signature Beverage: Interlude

00:04:40 — Apparently, this episode wasn’t very well received in the UK; they saw it as mocking British culture

00:08:40 — Dame June Whitfield, our first guest star of the episode!

00:10:50 — Which Interlude is the right Interlude?? Either way, the one that’s still open offers a 14- and 18-course menu!

00:13:15 — Jennifer Saunders and Tom Conti, our next two British guest stars!

00:19:15 — Jane Carr, our fourth British guest star, does a phenomenal job as the ticket agent at the airport

00:28:20 — Elizabeth HATEs pranks and April Fools Day!

00:31:05 — Our fifth guest star — Olivia Williams

00:37:15 — The BIGGEST news (aside from Ross’s flub at the altar — MONICA AND CHANDLER SLEPT TOGETHER!!

00:39:35 — Hugh Laurie is here, and our sixth British guest actor!

00:52:00 — The saga of Emily’s Ever-Changing Empire-Waist Wedding Gown

00:59:05 — We break down Emily and Ross’s wedding song

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