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S05 E05 - TOW the Kips

Mondler takes their first trip, Ross tries to tell Rachel about Emily’s ultimatum, and Joey makes a very surprising discovery. We drink Rolo Martinis, wonder how Monica didn’t notice Joey’s survival kit under her bed, learn a few factoids about Otis Elevators and the Taj Mahal (hotel), and Heather forever ruins hotel rooms for us.

Signature Beverage: Rolo Martini

00:07:20 - DaMASK or DAMask? Either way, Monica’s wearing a damask skirt…

00:09:32 - ZaBAR’s or ZAbar’s? Either way, Rachel’s been shopping there…

00:11:15 - How would clean-freak Monica not notice a random box under her bed?

00:17:04 - Did Disney cartoons influence Elizabeth’s taste in men?

00:21:19 - Heather ruins hotel rooms for the rest of us forever

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00:30:00 - We deep dive into who the heck “Mugsy” is

00:40:20 - A few factoids about Otis Elevators, the Taj Mahal, and one of the many reasons we don’t trust Donald Trump

Wikipedia article about the former Trump Taj Mahal (now the Hard Rock Hotel)

00:49:07 - We make a Kip Continuity Catch!

01:05:00 - TWO old tech alerts: Blockbuster video cases AND an old-school cable box!

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