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S04 E21 - TOW the Invitation

— It’s a clip show! We’re going to look back on Ross and Rachel’s relationship — and the cocktails that got us through it!

— How do writers write clip shows?

— Elizabeth’s drinking the Mockolate Martini:

— Heather’s drinking the Closure:

— Chandler and Joey’s plan to “do something big” reminds us that we’re all creating a ripple effect, even if we don’t do anything “huge” with our lives

— Is Die Hard a Christmas movie? We think so!

— Emily’s completely supportive of Ross inviting who he wants. Go Emily!

— Aviation cocktail:

— Blackout cocktail:

— Black Forest Martini:

— The Fiery Shemptini:

— The Waxini:

— Montauk Iced Tea: 18 Ounces Front and Back!:

— The Great “Green vs. Greene” Debate!

— @everyfriendsoutfit on Instagram:

— The Nutty Cheerleader:

— Even if we’re totally happy, totally okay, we all have nerves from previous relationships that get hit sometimes

— Birthday Cake Martini:

— Blood Orange-O Tutti:

— Cran-Apple or Cran-Grape?:

— Floopy Flower Margarita:

— Blingy Best Bud-tini:

— It would take a lot of work to have the courage to go to an ex’s wedding and be happy for them

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