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When Phoebe finds out about Mondler, she and Rachel decide to mess with Chandler and Monica, despite Joey’s desire to come clean. Meanwhile, Ross vies for Ugly Naked Guy’s apartment. We also discuss: Naked Ross, Sweden, Hugsy the Penguin, and proper perfume application.

Signature Beverage: Naked Ross: Blueberry Muffin Martini

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00:04:15 - One more reason to get the DVDs: Naked Ross!

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00:24:32 - A special shout-out to our #1 fan in Sweden, Katta, with some fun facts about Sweden!

00:31:50 - Duck Tales-sized bags of quarters!

00:44:35 - It’s the deleted scene of Naked Ross!

00:46:13 - Walking through perfume clouds!

00:54:42 - Taylor’s on TikTok!

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