TOW Three Babies and a Kidney Stone


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aka TOW Three Babies and a Kidney Stone

S05 E03 - The One Hundredth

Signature Beverage: Champagne!

00:00:45 - We’re drinking champagne in celebration of the hundredth episode!

00:14:12 - How weird would it be if we just randomly announced to people that we love FRIENDS?

**Support our Season 5 charity: World Central Kitchen!**

00:20:00 - A chicken salad break-down

Elizabeth’s recipe for Grandma’s Chicken Salad

00:31:15 - The culmination of our Dr. Oberman Trio

00:34:25 - Doogie Howser! Teeny tiny Neil Patrick Harris

00:37:08 - Deep dive into kidney stones

00:42:05 - The bodily functions that Elizabeth can’t handle

Wanna see Fonzie play the bongos?

01:01:54 - David Schwimmer just has good chemistry with everyone! #PrimeSchwimmer

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