06.27.21 (MP3): Drivers & Racecars @ Pike's Peak Hillclimb - Times, Winners, Race-Lines, Recaps, "Incidents" & Conditions from the Mountain, + Rebuilding Old Mac Products, Cassette VS 8-Track, Fruity Beers & the Sandwich Break


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PPIHC 2021 is in the books, and the Garage Hour goons were in the mix (George's, baby!). From early on the hill to fine sips afterwards (plus a little racing), we were in it and we have tales to tell. Drivers? Shute, Dallenbach, Dumas, Millen, Astier, Vasholtz, Schrantz, Donahue, Clay, Pobst and 100 more. Cars? LMPs, sprinters, stockers, Trans-Am, Cadillac, Porsche, BMW, Bentley, Camaro and Mustang, plus zip-ties, downforce and turbochargers. So many turbos.

Because racecar, there's more: Engineers, Bottomless and Boulder Park, Contagion, Deep Purple, Eagles of Death Metal and Gruntruck. Oh yeah, and beer.

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