07.17.21: Don't Be a Speed Bump (Or Less Skilled), or Does More Automotive Technology = Less Driver Capability? (Automation & Convenience Make You Suck), Four-Wheeling Failtown, + Trainshooting for Thugs & Protecting Data VS Controlling It


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From green lawns versus gravel yards (cop-out) to the human question of whether you're less of one if your car is more man than you, the Garage Hour doesn't phone it in. We've got the real-world impact of folks who can't figure out how their headlights work (uhhh, taillights are good), plus a hard look at the new trend for the victims of Tesla's robot-drive auto-wash self-steering crashes to sue from outside the restrictive NDAs that the company puts on its consumers. Then it's all beers and rock and roll and space-phalluses.

Fatso Jetson, KMFDM, Ministry, Dog Fashion Disco, Blazing Haley, Bjork, Black Label Society, Cabbage Boy and Hum join in, because awesome.

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