08.12.21 (MP3): Tech VS Gearheads - How & Why of Mindless Self-Surveillance, w/ Hacks @ Tech-Privacy Survival, Nuts & Bolts of Data-Hungry Vehicles, Vulnerability of Cars to Outside Control, Info-Harvesting Corporations, +Who Should Profit from Your Data


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The next time you wander into the kitchen in your torn boxers, are the 'fridge and toaster watching you? ...And who's watching them? How about when you pair your car's "infotainment" system with your phone? "Smart" homes and cars appeal to a lot of stupid people because you can be really bright but still dumb enough not to realize that if you're not managing all that unwelcome tech in your life, someone else will. Unphone, bitches!

The Gearhead Consultancy wants to help. Faraday-caged homes, phone boxes, historic examples of spying, modern examples of hacking risks and car-control death - it's a scary data forest out there, and you're in it.

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