08.21.21: Superballs & Other Traffic Projectiles... Also Chevy Bolt Battery Fires (Crispy), Cool Military Hardware XMas for the Taliban (Toucans & Blackhawks & MRAPs, Oh My), No Bullets for You (but Plenty for Terrorists), + Some Motoring Questions


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Balls that bounce are great, but GM recalling 50-70,000 Bolts aint. Also, when you have lemons, don't make terrorists lemonade. ...Unless you're a fool, in which case you gift-wrap that lemonade in $85billion of the finest military hardware on Earth. Geeks like military hardware, so we'll talk about it.

There's other bouncing madness: even though fundamentalist cavemen get mountains of rifles and ammo courtesy of your tax dollars, you're about to be blocked from buying Russian bullets (first time Joke Biden blocked anything from Russia).

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