08.22.21 (MP3): Bushings & Wrenches & Trucks & Expansion Tanks, Oh My - Plus No Lane for You!, Curvy Road Requests, Tool Trays (& Not Tool Trays), Old Laptops & Old Software (w/ New Problems), + Rob Zombie


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It's a fine selection of the random gearheadiness that makes the Garage Hour an international sensation (seriously, what's wrong with you people?) - semis and wide loads and how to own the lane, a review of some logic powering automotive bushings (and rubber versus polyurethane), and we found some Found On Road Awesomeness - Snap-On, baby!

Because it's not a Garage Hour without serial weirdness, we've also got a Silence of the Lambs intro (basementy!), a Spyderco knife moment, the Walkin' Dude's 4Runner, and a call for geeks to get involved (because you pay the best attention).

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