09.01.21 (MP3): Too Many "B"s, Not Enough Time @ Trinity Brewing - Beer, Brats, (Where's) Bill, Bacon, (Upper) Brass, Blown (Up), Balls, (Will It) Blend, & Buttons! Also, Cast-Iron Pans, w/ Trinity's Head Brewer on How We Got Here (Beer!)


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English, schminglish... Sorry, but there's a lot going on in Garage World right now - running out of hours. We did manage to kidnap Trinity's saucemaster for an hour - Jon Taylor, Regular Bill and Hostus Maximus Justin Fort did an in-house session on yummy beveraging (Simcoe Smash, peanut-butter stout, Idaho 7, dandelions for beer and health, and rusty reds), nose tasting and food pairing.

Like usual, there was a whole bunch of other - cast iron, storage avalanches, "Yes" to flipping ('tis the season) and something about Long Island Ice Teas.

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