#182 Making Music, Motherhood & Female Friendships feat. Hadley Park (Courtney Dashe & Morgan Leigh Garner)


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"You don't have to know how it's going to work, but you do have to hold onto the idea that you can do both." - Courtney Dashe "If you support your friends, you show love and kindness - that will come back to you. The people who are not capable of that - they’ll keep on walking and that’s okay." - Morgan Leigh Garner The duo that makes up Hadley Park, Courtney Dashe and Morgan Leigh Garner, came on the Happiness in Progress podcast to share their journey in music and motherhood. The Nashville singers/songwriters have been featured on the Netflix production, “The Ranch,” Spotify’s “Wild Country” and “New Music Nashville” playlists, Sirius XM’s “The Highway,” the Country Network, and CMT.com. They are also the podcast hosts of "Chasing Dreams & Raising Babies" which they launched with the release of their music project called "Time's a Thief."

In this episode, Danielle talks with Courtney and Morgan about how Hadley Park was formed.


  • The life-saving grace of female friendships
  • Challenges of what they like to say chasing dreams and raising babies
  • How to make time for your dreams as a mother
  • The making of their song 'Times a Thief'
  • and much more
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