HOP #119 Chasing Your Dreams & Pushing Past the Fear with Jessica Krewson


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Jessica Krewson brought her fire to the show today!

If you are someone that has some big dreams, big goals and has been hesitant at all to go for them, this episode is for you!

She shares the risk she took in starting her agency. She didn’t wait until she had X amount of dollars in her account or her plan completely mapped out. She just took a leap of faith and went for it!

Jessica Krewson is the founder and creator of Designknrew. This creative agency does marketing and branding for female entrepreneurs looking to share their message with the world and do it beautifully and powerfully, so they can also be profitable. She’s been doing this for over 14 years now, with a variety of clients.

We talk about her secret to success, niching down, what it takes to get through the hard times, what to hold on to when you start to lose your drive, if you should separate who you are from what you do, and how she found ultimate joy and fulfillment.

Find the full show notes at: https://douglasjfoley.com/hop-119-chasing-your-dreams-pushing-past-the-fear/

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