108. Breathing for Better Bones and Health | Robin Eisen, MS, PT


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“Keep exploring to find out what [breathing technique] resonates with you, but also works with you and your own physiology.”

-Robin G. Eisen, MS, PT

Robin G. Eisen has been a physical therapist for over 48 years, is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner, and has studied numerous modalities including EFT Tapping. After teaching physical therapy at the University of Illinois for 9 years, she started a private practice in 1987 and now serves people virtually from Michigan City, IN. Her passion is empowering people to discover their unique path to health. In today’s talk, we delve into how we can use breathing to improve our bones and overall health and enhance our lives. Robin teaches us two fabulous breathing techniques to be used for relaxation and one to increase energy. You don’t want to miss this life-enhancing information!


[02:03] Robin Eisen's Breathing Work [06:23] Relaxation breath challenge [16:28] Second breathing exercise to reduce back pain [21:38] Third vagus nerve-stimulating breathing exercise [29:34] Breath of fire to promote energy

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