96. The Gluten-Osteoporosis Connection| Maya Rose, MS, CNS


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Maya Rose, MS, CNS is a nutritionist who helps celiac and gluten-sensitive women stop getting glutened and start healing their gut. As a fellow celiac who struggled with digestive issues for many years, she treats clients with the empathy and specialized care she wishes she had received. She takes a joy-based, non-dogmatic approach to nutrition and hopes to show others how nourishing and fulfilling a gluten-free life can be. In today’s episode we discuss why everyone diagnosed with osteoporosis should be evaluated for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Maya gives us great tips about a gluten- free lifestyle including easy delicious substitutions when baking.



[01:50] Maya’s celiac disease story

[04:24] What are the often overlooked symptoms of gluten intolerance and celiac disease?

[11:11] When NOT to test for gluten intolerance

[20:07] The surprising benefits of going gluten free

[29:33] The social and emotional aspects of eliminating gluten

[36:35] Maya’s favorite baking tweaks

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