31: How leaders can build resilience in themselves and their teams – Dr Susan Kahn


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Leaders – would you like to learn how to become more resilient? Listen to this podcast with Business Psychologist and author Dr Susan Kahn, who shares her expert advice to help business leaders build resilience in themselves and role model this trait to support their teams. You can also read the full transcript at: https://social.hays.com/2021/06/30/podcast-31-how-leaders-can-build-resilience-in-themselves-and-their-teams/ Timestamps: (01:16) To begin with, please can I ask you to introduce yourself to our listeners and tell us a little bit more about your background and your career journey to date? (02:18) And what sparked your interest in resilience led you to write your book Bounce Back? (03:14) In your book, you devote a chapter to the specific resilience challenges that leaders face. Can you tell us more about this area of developing resilience in a bit more detail? (04:16) And why do you think it's so important for business leaders to build resilience right now? What are the common challenges that resilience will help them overcome? (06:02) Sticking with this, what are the key benefits of resilience, and are these becoming even more important for leaders to own in this world of work? (08:11) What traits do leaders need to possess the kind of resilience that we've just discussed? (09:19) Do you have any strategies that leaders can follow to build resilience in themselves? (11:33) Is there anything else that our listeners can be doing in addition to what we've just discussed? (13:33) How important is it for leaders to role model these behaviours to support and build resilience in their teams? And do you have any advice that you can share to help our listeners do this more effectively? (15:00) On this theme of breaking ideas or notions that there is such a thing as a perfect leader and how leaders should be more vulnerable, do you think it can be beneficial for leaders to let their teams experience failure, to make them more resilient? And if so, how can our listeners support their teams in embracing failure and learning from their mistakes? (17:12) What do you think are the three qualities that make a good leader? And crucially, do you think that these qualities have changed because of the pandemic?

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