Bad Sleep is the Result, It's Not the Problem | Devin Burke


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Today we are welcoming Devin Burke, from the Sleep Science Academy to Health Coach Radio. Health coaches love learning about sleep and health coaching clients are becoming savvier to the importance of great sleep. No question about it, the topic of good quality sleep is important and Devin is taking us through the practice and science of sleep in a way that is a bit refreshing. We spent a lot of time talking about sleep anxiety and how fussing about the typical sleep hygiene rules can sometimes actually hinder your ability to sleep at night. We dive into the idea that your choices throughout the day are really what leads to a good night's rest, his 3,2,1 sleep philosophy, choices that can lead to a good night's rest and choices that may get in the way of one, and why he believes that sleep is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. Grab your pen and paper and let's dive in with Devin Burke!

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