The Body Doesn't Lie | Dr. Serena Sterling


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Today's guest on the show is Dr. Serena Sterling. Dr. Sterling holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and is a certified life coach who helps people recover from emotional trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. Dr. Sterling helps her clients make the connection between how they think and what they feel physically in their bodies. We talked a lot about trauma in this episode, but Dr. Sterling was able to frame this in a light, easy-to-understand way that feels appropriate for health coaches. We even get into some specific tools and tactics that any health coach can inject into your conversations with clients to help them uncover some of the root causes of their behaviors. In this episode we discuss how working through her own trauma led her to this line of work, what it means to process trauma, tools, and tactics to help you communicate with your clients about their emotions, and more. She even leaves a nice little surprise for three of our listeners, so be sure to listen to the very end. Have a listen and we hope you enjoy it!

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