Ep. 88: Community-owned Swiss Healthcare Ecosystem - Eberhard Scheuer (President dHealth Network)


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Dr. Eberhard Scheuer is the founder and the President of the Board of Directors at dHealth foundation and has been a pioneer in using blockchain in the healthcare field. Eberhard holds a Ph.D. in psychology and views healthcare always from the patient’s point of view. He has been a researcher, lecturer, therapist, digital health entrepreneur, and networker for two decades. Eberhard is a psychologist by training and was trained as a clinical psychologist, but mainly worked in the research environment studying at UMass Amherst and University of Tübingen. CONNECT WITH EBERHARD LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eberhardscheuer/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/medrepublik Website: https://dhealth.network/ Related episode - https://soundcloud.com/healthunchained/ep-84-nem-development-for-healthcare-gregory-saive-ceo-ubcdigital Show Notes ●Introduction to Eberhard's background ●What is the use case and vision of dHealth Foundation which was previously called the HIT foundation? ●Tokenizing Health data and how patients should ideally be reimbursed for usage of their health data ●Tracing detection system for Covid and other Illnesses and how those use cases are the best for blockchain ●What is Data privacy and how usage of Blockchain transforms the way to store that data off chain and use blockchain for identity management? ●Partnership with Roche on using patients’ data for one of their Hemophilia drug launches and using blockchain for that launch. ●Alpha and beta testing on the dHealth platform ●What is DHP or Digital Health Point tokens and what kind services can be acquired using these tokens? ●Due to the rules and laws of Switzerland, how is operating a Blockchain company there? What are the Pros and Cons? ●European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT) exchange and how blockchain can play an important role in the matching process ●What are the financial and technical challenges which are being worked on to be launched in the coming months? ●What influential book can you recommend? “100 years of solitude” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez ”The Ascent of Money” by Nial Furguson ●What are some of the preferred exercises that you like to do to stay active? Running and Sailing. News Corner https://blog.helium.com/more-than-a-data-point-norada-brings-elderly-care-to-the-peoples-network-f75d7e579fed As most of us know, demand for elderly care services continues to climb higher as each new generation lives longer than the previous one. Norada Corporation has teamed up with Helium, also known as the People’s Network, to enhance communications between at-home elderly care managers, seniors, and care givers. Norada solves this challenge by irradicating the need for a smartphone. Instead, as each caregiver completes their service, they tap a button on their ID badge to automatically log location details to the central cloud database using asset tracking technology from Abeeway. To make all of this possible, Norada needed a long-range IoT wireless network, and Helium fit the bill perfectly. As the fastest-growing wireless network, The People’s Network enables cost efficiencies of only $1 per badge per year. Health Unchained Links Website: healthunchained.org Telegram: t.me/healthunchained Twitter: twitter.com/Healthunchaind

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