December 19th, 2020 Philip Kozlow, DDS will discuss amazing natural procedure that can avoid root canals. Then Carly Neubert BA, NC, gives tips to avoid holiday digestion problems.


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I am very pleased that holistic, mercury-safe, environmentally-conscious dentist, Philip Kozlow, DDS will be in the studio. I’ve asked him to tell listeners about an amazing natural procedure that can avoid root canal by saving teeth—even ones with very deep decay. I will also ask him about how his practice makes it safe to visit during the pandemic.

Next up, Carly Neubert BA, NC, a functional / holistic nutritionist and “biohacking diva”, will make her first visit via phone. She will give us some nutritional tips for staying well during the Holidays as well as avoiding holiday digestive problems. This interview was arranged by Essential Formulas, our source for Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics and Reg’Activ.

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